bayreuth festival 2022bayreuth festival 2022

bayreuth festival 2022 bayreuth festival 2022

There is, it seems, no getting around thatand it is unclear why Schwarz, Kuhn, and company are so determined to try. Gutrune (Elisabeth Teige), taking a selfie, and Gunther (Michael Kupfer-Radecky) on the sofa. Schwab manages to find a perfect balance between the story, which can be clearly understood and all the philosophical/metaphysical concepts that are a constant throughout the opera, creating moments that have a realistic natural approach (the first act until they drink the love potion or Markes monologue in Act two). The Bayreuth Festival in Germany has announced its 2023 program. 1.8. Hagens return right at the end, stumbling on to shout Zurck vom Ring (is he advising people to stay away from himself?) Mon 17 Jul 2023 Kulturinsel Whrmhle . And so it happens that you see the characters acting completely different from what they are singing; there is a complete detachment between their words and their actions. What we are supposed to make of that girls disappearance during the final scene, or indeed anything much in a scene that sadly had many in the audience laughing at its sheer ineptitude, I have no idea. Heinrich der Schreiber Jorge Rodrguez-Norton He dies at the front of the stage as Isolde remains trapped at the back, unable to cross the central oval. For the 16-hour cycle of the "Ring," which premiered in 1876, Richard Wagner had his festival hall built according to his own architectural ideas. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images And OperaWire came about as a desire to take in as much of it and allow the passionate fan base access to everything this wondrous art form has to offer on a daily basis. With no grandeur, reduced to the essential: to experience his works as a celebration. He imbued his interpretation with power and vocal entity which in this production has to rely on vocal characterization as the staging does not help much. International expert workshop on the digital health divide at the University of Bayreuth, Campus Kulmbach: Submit your Beliebt bei Petronela Sandulache. Nathalie Stutzmann et Alexandre Tharaud. A tale of sex und crime: Just who are the Nibelungs? The festspielhaus in Bayreuth is possibly the most unique opera house in the world. Stephan Gould sang the role of Tristan. 95445 Bayreuth, In 2023, wahnfood GmbH from Bayreuth will again provide catering services for the Bayreuth Festival before the performances, during, The Bayreuth Festival GmbH is looking for several make-up artists (m/f/d) for the 2023 season (period between May 15 and. Konrad Nachtigal Armin Kolarczyk Er hofft auf die anderen drei Teile. Siegfried Freia Elisabeth Teige and Rebroadcasts . 19.8. Bayreuther Festspiele 2022; Rheingold; Insz. Eingesprungen fr den an Corona erkrankten Dirigenten Pietari Inkinen ist Cornelius Meister. He designed a special distribution, in a staircase, of the instruments. Festspiel Open Air Mezzo-soprano Christa Mayer sang the role of Fricka with her powerful dark sound and an astonishing low register. Stphanie Mther and Kelly God as two of the Norns in Bayreuth festivals staging of Gtterdmmerung. In the cinema Reichshof. His last line:Isolde!, sung with hushed piannisimi, was breathtaking. The only truly standout performance was Lise Davidsens Sieglinde, a performance for the ages. But when the Bayreuth Festival Theater opened in 1876, with the premiere of his full "Ring of the Nibelung" a four-opera, 15 . Like a child with an extremely limited attention span, Schwarz presents something, tires of it, presents a new thing without bothering to connect it to the previous thing, and continues. 21.8. But if the climax of this Ring contained any suggestion that a new order of things had somehow been made possible, it was hard to see where it was. Ein junger Hirt Katharina Konradi (7/27, 8/2, 8/5), Alexandra Steiner ( Klaus Florian Vogt, in his element as Lohengrin under Thielemann, brought his otherworldly tone to Siegmund too, outstanding in the annunciation of death scene with Brnnhilde, but less effective in conveying the characters tortured loneliness. Bampton Barbican Baroque at the Edge Bath Bayreuth Festival BBC BBC NOW BBCSSO BCMG Beethoven250 Berlin Birmingham Bolivia book review BREMF Brighton Bristol British Museum British Youth Opera Britten 100 Britten Sinfonia Brixton Brussels BSO Budapest Bury Court Opera . ", "I had the feeling that more and more people were coming to Bayreuth for the first time, rather than for 30 or 40 years," museum director Sven Friedrich toldDW. Schwarzs unwillingness or inability to formulate any kind of concept, let alone to present it successfully, has long since had hopes for drama run out of steam. Magdalene Christa Mayer Instead of action and characters developed from the inside out, Schwab and stage designer Piero Viciguerra rely on the aesthetics of their scenery. The Nibelungs, a dwarf race, are represented in this production by little blond girls in uniform drawing pictures. If quality of diction came and went, there was much to appreciate in Irne Theorins Brnnhilde, who managed to maintain a considerable degree of dignity, events around here notwithstanding. Alberichs Fluch auf die Liebe im Gegenzug frs Edelmetall - nur taucht es an diesem Abend gar nicht auf. The fact that the COVID pandemic is not yet over has become painfully apparent in Bayreuth. Bass Georg Zeppenfeld, who had appeared at Die Walkre as Hunding, sang the role of King Marke. He has written widely on intellectual, cultural, and musical history from the later seventeenth century to the present day. Christian Thielemann. theartsdesk at the Bayreuth Festival Ring 2022 - a jumbled mess of ideas, some of them compelling A Tarantino-style Ring cycle offers many inspired scenes, but little coherence or depth by Gavin Dixon Tuesday, 09 August 2022 Share Egils Silins as Wotan (left), Daniel Kirch as Loge (right) All images Bayrether Festspeiel/Enrico Nawrath Die Walkre In Die Walkre, successfully subverting another big moment to the horror of traditionalists, he placed the final focus of the opera on Frickas futile triumph over Wotan, not on Wotans farewell to his daughter Brnnhilde. Die Walkre He effortlessly sang a strong high G in Act three upon realizing that Isolde is finally coming to Tristans side. February 14, 2022 Its Austrian director Valentin Schwarz has been talking to the DPA: 'The fact that the "Ring" in Bayreuth is performed in its entirety within just one week gives us the. Plus d'options Max Emanuel Cencic chante Haendel Festival Bayreuth Baroque 2022 Plus d'options. The singers drew a. Why should we care, if that is all there is? Tannhuser These bare stagings, where everything was done with lighting. Bei der Musik gibt es Hoffnung, aber die Arbeit muss jetzt erst richtig beginnen. Wagners Mythos wird in dieser Neuinterpretation zur Familiensaga der Gegenwart. 2,279 were here. And the result was a brilliant, meaningful production which, while modern, is respectful to the music and libretto. Meister created great moments of tension, such as during the crescendo of the prelude, where he kept increasing the depth and density of the sound while keeping an impossibly slow tempo. Please check if you entered the email address correctly. Andy Besuch (costumes) Lighting Reinhard Traub Titurel Gnther Groissbck 30.7. Stage design Rainer Sellmaier Other highlights from the Bayreuth Festival 2021 on DG Stage include Frank Castorf's provocative production of Der Ring . and then stumbling back off again, was not the least embarrassing episode in a renewed, though hardly rejuvenated, string of scenic non sequiturs. Here on xscores you can find all detailed information about Spvgg Bayreuth vs Vfb Oldenburg match - 2022-2023, previous match results sorted by their H2H and standings. Tannhuser Stephen Gould (Some might argue racism too; let us leave that for another day. 2022-06-22 M Albrecht Budapest . That episodic quality continued into the second act, received with unusual rapture by the audience, but which to me lunged and lurched too often, making all too little musical sense. 2022 - 2023. Does Fafner kill his brother Fasolt to keep the boy? There were also four performances of Der fliegende Hollnder, five performances of Lohengrin, five performances of Tannhuser, and two concerts under the musical direction of Andris Nelsons. The new production of Ring des Nibelungen was eagerly awaited, as it had already been scheduled for 2020 and was performed three times this year as a cycle. Wagner demands constant forte ascensions to A naturals at the most riveting emotional climaxes, such as the end of act one, the beginning of the love duet or the climax moments in Act three; in Goulds voice, they sounded underpowered. On four discursive pilgrimage paths, which could be accessed by the audience with smartphones and headphones for the duration of the festival, the festival city was transformed into a theoretical site where artists and scholars explored the relationship between art and society, autonomy and the Gesamtkunstwerk with excerpts from conversations and thoughts by Chaya Czernowin, Ulrich Konrad, Gundula Kreuzer, Konrad Kuhn, Thomas Macho, Cornelius Meister, Herfried Mnkler, Isabel Mundry, Sergej Newski, Holger Noltze, Roland Schwab, Valentin Schwarz and Wolfgang Ullrich. Grnderin und Knstlerische Produktionsleitung soundance festival berlin soundance festival berlin Jan. 2017 -Heute 6 Jahre 3 Monate. #BFRing22 ALT 4 26 122 Show this thread 30.7. This year, hundreds of visitors experienced three enthusiastic performances of the commissioned work Nach Tristan in the Reichshof cinema with the great artists Dagmar Manzel and Sylvester Groth. Robe On The Road. Parsifal Karfreitagszauber, Die Walkre Act 1 There is no reason to think that the rest of the work will not follow in time. The light changed with the music, and the shadows and patterns seemed as archetypal as the music itself. Those wanting to know more about Wagner's impact on popular culturecan visit the special exhibition, showing at the Richard Wagner Museum, on how the composerhas been appropriated to marketeverything frombeer toheavy metal music. His voice is bigger and denser comparing to the tenors usually cast for this part. Conductor Cornelius Meister had to step in on very short notice to replace a sick colleague. Press Release Stuttgart, 25 February 2022. Andrea Cozzi (designs) Festspiel Open Air Alexander Meier-Drzenbach on La bohme. Not having been there, I can only speculate, but many have said it improved radically during its stint, a tribute to Bayreuths Werkstatt principle. Occasionally, some older things return, yet neither with dramatic reason nor insight. That the prologue and first act in particular dragged, often seeming to lie behind whatever notional basic tempo had been set, was nonetheless unfortunate as nonsense upon nonsense unfolded onstage. Among others, there was a well received one in Leipzig in June, a promising one in Zrich, theres another in Berlin this autumn and two in London in the years to come. Allein schon (musik-)historisch hochinteressant, ist diese CD ein beeindruckendes Hrerlebnis und ffnet das Fenster in ein bewegtes, erschttertes 16. Grane is later beaten to something not a million miles from horsemeat. "The Ring is a massive family epic in almost Greek format and is therefore made for a cinematic approach," Schwarz explains in the trailer for the fourth part of the series, namely "Gtterdmmerung," or "Twilight of the Gods.". Amfortas Michael Volle Even those, however, who discern some kind of return at the close will have wanted a little more for their money than a hasty, borderline-cynical return of dual umbilical chord babies on video, and, prior to that, of a swimming pool for the Rhine. Fricka Christa Mayer Ukraine updates: Russia says defense minister visits Donbas, Russian mercenary chief says Bakhmut almost fully encircled, Biden thanks Scholz for 'profound' German support on Ukraine. Richard Wagner: visionary, utopian his heritage remains alive here. The third act, though, was much better, a sense of form as living structure once again imparted. Bayreuth Festival :: Reviews, Schedules & Photos Company search click here for a gallery of photos from recent productions Tannhuser Bayreuth Festival Der Fliegende Hollnder Bayreuth Festival Gtterdmmerung Bayreuth Festival click here for more photos for this opera company Click below for production trailers Tannhuser Der Fliegende Hollnder How, asks Kuhn, did this nasty, this hairy and hideous imp beget a child with the proud Queen Grimhild? Perhaps using the power he has amassed by foreswearing love? Occasionally, everything comes together, as it did last in Barry Koskys 2017 Die Meistersinger, conducted by Philippe Jordan, and before that in Stefan Herheims brilliant Parsifal in 2008, conducted by Daniele Gatti. Le Gateau Chocolat (Kyle Patrick) Jul 2021 - Nov 2022 1 year 5 months. Bayreuth concerts Bayreuth concerts. They take everything personally. BUT, the problem is that such a realistic approach does not tell the story of the opera well, filling Wagners original libretto with contradictions to the point that the story being played onstage resembles nothing of the actual text. Anders Larsson studerade vid Kungliga Musikhgskolan i Stockholm (Master och Diplom) ren 1990-1997.. Karrir. They take everything personally. Oksana Lyniv maked history this summer as the first woman to ever 3. Bayreuth, Bayern, Deutschland Lehrauftrag "Choreografische Praxis" Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultt, Universitt Bayreuth . Cornelius Meister and Valentin Schwarz. Ukrainian women rock! Mark your calendars! Further reviews may be found at http://boulezian.blogspot.com. Third Norn Kelly God Foto: Jaap van Zweden Brad Trent. Der Beginn einer groen spannenden Sage? (Matthias Lachenmann), Der Bayreuther Ring-Regisseur Valentin Schwarz inszeniert Wagners groes Musikdrama um Gold und Gier, Zwerge und Drachen als moderne Serie ber eine verkorkste Familie. Bass: Gnther Groissbck It seems to speak more than anything of lack of acquaintance with Wagners work andwhich may or may not be fairsheer laziness. Lohengrin Insofar as one could avoid Schwarzs weird conception of Guntherwas he supposed to be high, or just very, very peculiar?the same could be said of Michael Kupfer-Radecky in that role. Meisters direction was fluent and competent without coming close to the excellence of Christian Thielemanns conducting of Lohengrin in the middle of the Ring week. The unfortunate image resembles Golden Girl Rose Nylund doing a turn as Salome on her way to collect midnight cheesecake, albeit with none of the fun or interest that might entail. It tried to do too much, some of it interesting and thought-provoking, too much of it merely distracting and inconsequential. (Matthias Lachenmann), In der Trash-TV-Sendung Die Geissens erlebt der Zuschauer das Leben einer reichen, wohlstandsverwahrlosten und prolligen Familie, was Valentin Schwarz nach dem ersten Aufzug der Gtterdmmerung zu urteilen zu seiner Ring-Inszenierung inspiriert hat. Das Rheingold If we take into consideration that the theatre at Bayreuth has no subtitles at all, people who are unfamiliar with these operas would be completely lost or get a complete different idea from Wagners poem. Christa Mayer, Okka von der Damerau, Olafin Sigundason Shine in Valentin Schwarzs Confused Productions. While most productions are usually planned years in advance, director Roland Schwab was only commissioned to take on this a new production of Wagners masterpiece in December 2021, leaving the creative team seven months to design, present the project, build the production, and rehearse it. German sagas form the basis for Wagner's "Ring." After Tristan A Journey from the Past Backwards into the Present. Tannhuser Solist Klaus Florian Vogt, Parsifal Vorspiel Act 1 (Claude Debussy on Parsifal), "The thing about Wagner is that there can be no true success in any production of his operas, only degrees of failure. Gtterdmmerung Siegfrieds Tod und Trauermarsch (Klaus Florian Vogt) Gtterdmmerung Final scene (Christine Goerke ), Photo: Enrico Nawrath/Bayreuther Festspiele, Tristan und Isolde conductors at Bayreuth, One of the finest monuments in sound ever to have been raised to the everlasting glory of music. Valentin Schwarzs Ring ends more or less where it began, bar curtain-calls in which the long-awaited appearance of Schwarz and his team was greeted by the most intensive booing I have ever heard. He had actually been rehearsing "Tristan and Isolde" for this season with the Festival Orchestra; that will now be taken over by Markus Poschner, director of the Bruckner Orchestra in Linz. Bayreuth Festival Tickets 2023 Buy Now Since the Bayreuth Festival reopened in 1951, Bayreuth Festival tickets have sold out year after year. But truth be told, the production entertains and the sets are pleasant to look at: a swimming pool for the opening scene, a vintage decorated mansion for the second and fourth scene, cars, guns, CCTV footage. I think there would have to be a greater willingness, indeed any at all, to extend the frame of reference beyond a rich, unlikeable family. He designed his work as a great social drama, dealing with power, greedand intrigue in the pantheonand on Earth. Cornelius Meister, Staatsoper Stuttgart's General Music Director, will conduct the opening of this year's Bayreuth Festival.Meister will make his debut at the Festspielhaus on 25 July 2022 with Tristan und Isolde.Roland Schwab will be in charge of the production. Isolde finally steps back into it for the final Liebestod.. Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival 7 - 18 September 2022, Bayreuth, Germany Margravial Opera House Bayreuth Margravial Opera House Bayreuth Sun Temple of the Orangery in the Hermitage Carlo il Calvoat the Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival Falk von Traubenberg Margravial Opera House Bayreuth Margravial Opera House Bayreuth Opulentes Theater als Raum fr monumentale Barockopern, die es nicht in die blichen gegenwrtigen Spielplne schaffen und eine wachsende Fangemeinde haben. The latter production was added to the schedule at short notice in order to remain playable in the event of conceivable outbreaks of infection in the collectives, and will be on the schedule again next year. The contrast between light and dark is constantly present with big shadows of the characters on the rounded walls, their silhouettes seen on the open ceiling or the back door, which is rather dark or illuminated in an impossible blinding white (depending on the several references to the light of the day or the darkness of the night). Grane Igor Schwab, Valentin Schwarz (director) First Norn Okka von der Damerau Im Video wird die Es-Dur Ursuppe des Rheingold-Vorspiels zur Fruchtblase, in der sich zwei Babys friedlich schlafend wiegen. Cornelius Meister offered a passionate reading of the score. Opera is thriving. Orchestre de Paris et Ariane Matiakh : Faur, Strauss. Der erzhlt die Handlung der "Walkre" weiter als Familiensaga im Netflix-Stil. (Bernhard Neuhoff, BR Klassik), Nachdem man den ersten beiden Abenden viel Positives abgewinnen konnte, berrascht nun Cornelius Meister mit einem zupackenden Dirigat und gutem Zusammenspiel mit dem Orchester, whrend die Solisten leider schwcheln und die Inszenierung vielen Zuschauern den letzten Nerv raubt. Tristan - Stephen GouldMarke - Georg ZeppenfeldIsolde - Catherine FosterKurwenal - Markus EicheMelot - Olafur SigurdarsonBrangne - Ekaterina GubanovaEin Hir. Her sound widens as she rises to her higher range, something that was first noticeable as she delivered two thunderous big B naturals during her long Act one scene Von einem kahn. We heard this intense roundness again when she delivered two high Cs when the lovers are reunited in Act two. It works as a theatrical show. 27.8. Sat 24 Jun 2023 Kindheitstraum Festival 2023 Speichersdorf, Germany. I thought it was extraordinary and wonderful." But these perfect conditions for acoustics leave, on the other hand, the singers completely exposed and every mistake is noticeable. It makes you a little bit scared, and it's really quite terrifying." Culcha Candela. Recorded (directed by Michael Beyer) at the Bayreuther Festspielhaus on 5.8.2022 and now available on STAGE+ until 14.11.2047. The conception of this production of turning the giants into gangsters did not help him in portraying a menacing strong character deeply infatuated with the goddess Freia. It was the year after Wieland Wagner had died; to be able to see his productions was a total knock-out. He conducted 154 Vienna Philharmonic concerts heading into the tour . If the chorus was far from overwhelming in the Vassals Scene, perhaps Covid restrictions were still in play; it looked as well as sounded smaller than usual. . With no grandeur, reduced to the essential: to experience his works as a celebration. He will also co-edit the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Wagner's 'Ring'. You might even say, in true Wagnerian manner, that this was a cursed Ring Cycle. Germany Bayreuth Festival 2021 - Wagner, Der fliegende Hollnder: Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra of the Bayreuth Festival / Oksana Lyniv (conductor). (Patrick Carnegy to The Guardian). The Rheingold is personified by a small boy wearing a yellow cap and T-shirt; therefore Alberich kidnaps the boy from the swimming pool instead of stealing pieces of gold. 12.8. Stream songs including "Parsifal: Vorspiel - Act 1 (Remastered 2023, Bayreuth 1962)", "Parsifal: He! (Photo: Enrico Nawrath, Bayreuter Festspiele), But poor Brnnhilde (seriously). Concert with excerpts from Tannhuser, Rienzi and Tristan und Isolde. Der fliegende Hollnder Ein ereignisreicher Abend mit berragenden, traurigen und mittelmigen Momenten. Therefore his A flats and naturals sounded muffled and his vibrato became slow and unsteady. 10 Die Feen 6 1960-1999 1967-08 Bell Bayreuth 1976-05-02 Downes Manchester 1983-02-13 Ehrling Wien 1983-07 Sawallisch Mnchen 1989-09-07 Schwarz Mnchen . Robe Up All Night with Black Coffee at Zamna Festival. Order forms for the 2023 Bayreuth Festival will be sent out in the first half of December. Parsifal Excerpts. Audiences journey from around the world to Bayreuth to watch the Ring Cycle whenever it is staged; Wagners purpose-built theatre still has tremendous allure and mystique. Lohengrin Vorspiel In the final pages of his Ring cycle, Wagners orchestral writing reaches extraordinary heights of grandeur and conviction, in music that depicts the destruction of an old corrupt world and the dawn of a new untainted one. Festspielhgel 1-2 Built entirely to the specifications of one man, Richard Wagner, it was designed solely for the showing of Wagner's monumental works. After 145 Years, Bayreuth Festival Has Its First Female Conductor! Bayreuths audience is very passionate, and they express their approval/disapproval very loudly at the curtain calls. There will also be a festival atmosphere at the outdoor theater. Markus Poscher offered an emotional reading of the score, giving special emphasis to the multiple crescendos and silences throughout. Utbildning. Their sound is precise and has a sense of perfection, polish, and passion at the same time. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. (Keith Warner, The Guardian), "I have never come across an audience with so much hatred, so much anger, such a thirst for revenge. Messen&Events. 2.8. Regarder Grand bal symphonique avec l'Orchestre national de France De Berlioz Offenbach 44 min. 2022/07/26. More than 50,000 spectators attended this years Festival. (Photo: Enrico Nawrath, Bayreuter Festspiele), Elisabeth Teige as Gutrune. The Bayreuth Festival A theatre created for a single composer: the Bayreuth Festival Theatre. The Bayreuth Festival 2021 will be rounded off with two concerts under the musical direction of Andris Nelsons, the music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We are delighted to announce that Max Emanuel Cenic's production of Leonardo Vinci's Alessandro nell'Indie, which premiered at the Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival in September 2022, has been voted "Best Opera Production of the Year" by the readers of the renowned French opera magazine . Gaby Reucher 07/22/2022 After two constricted pandemic years, the Bayreuth Festival is back with an unprecedented lineup of Wagner operas and full houses. So many important questions, moreover, are treated similarly. Gunther (Michael Kupfer-Radecky) and the vassals. Originally scheduled for 2020, it arrived two years late due to the pandemic with a new conductor, Meister, drafted in at short notice after Pietari Inkinen contracted Covid. Monday, January 9, 2023 Alessandro nell'Indie and Bruno de S win Forum Opera readers' poll. 31.8. Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival, 7-17 September 2023, Margravial Opera House, Bayreuth - Program It had not helped that Theorin had just delivered an undistinguished account of the final scene of Gtterdmmerung, one of the cycles great vocal set pieces. Der Auftakt mit Das Rheingold war brav und fern von groartig. Gtterdmmerung Thursday August 04 2022, 12.00pm, The Times Valentin Schwarz's Bayreuth Festival Ring suffered yet another mishap during Act II of Die Walkre . 13.8. Schlimmer als die Regie sei der Dirigent und die meisten Snger, sagt unser Kritiker. Get your tickets here! Just a few days ago, the Finnish conductor Pietari Inkinen, who had been rehearsing the "Ring" with the Festival Orchestra, had to back out due after contracting COVID. No one would be happier than I to admit he was wrong if so. In addition to "Tristan and Isolde" and the "Ring" series, the operas "Lohengrin" and "Tannhuser" will be performed in addition tolast year's "Flying Dutchman," conducted by Oksana Lyniv,the first femaleconductor at the Bayreuth Festival. Things to Do in Bayreuth Festspielhaus Festspielhaus See all things to do Festspielhaus 4.5 275 #4 of 57 things to do in Bayreuth Operas Visit website Call Write a review What people are saying By law_doc89 " Wagner phile must " Aug 2022 The orchestra pit is under the stage. Bayreuth festival Valentin Schwarz's new staging of Wagner's epic has some thought-provoking moments, but few were sustainable and most were just distracting Martin Kettle @ martinkettle Mon 8. Concert with excerpts from Tannhuser, Rienzi and Tristan und Isolde. Andrea Cozzi (designs) The Diskurs Bayreuth series of events took place as a supporting program for the seventh time. It makes you a little bit scared, and it's really quite terrifying." Hagen (Albert Dohmen) left, and Gunther (Michael Kupfer-Radecky) kissing Siegfried (on this photo Stephen Gould, but Clay Hilley stepped as Siegfried 5 August since Stephen Gould was sick. Last year saw ascaled-down schedule and audience in Bayreuth, butfestival director Katharina Wagneris pleased to confirm areturn to full capacity in 2022. With an auditorium in which his music unfolds like in no other theatre in the world. Wotan Egils Silins In the libretto, Tristan and Isolda are only truly united when they die, as this is the only moment when they can be totally free and love each other without conditions. "We are very happy to be virtually sold-out.". Catherine Foster was a powerful Isolde.

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